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Iron Throne’s Cardboard Box War – Wil Wheaton, Klaus Media and Chief Pat

Wild Wheaton joins the Iron Throne team to battle in a new style of castle warfare. Klaus Media, Chief Pat and more do battle with cardboard boxes. This is to celebrate the latest update for Iron Throne, which is now available. In this month’s update is a new PVP event, The Golden Moon. In it, 20 lords battle to conquer The Golden Sanctuary, within a certain amount of time. Those who fail will be removed. Gift boxes, designated by the level of each sanctuary will be given as awards when the Golden Sanctuaries are occupied. Those lords with level 20 or higher castles can enter The Golden Moon.

Additionally, two new heroes have been added to the game to fight for the throne: Infidus and Kenzaburo. Kenzaburo, the leader of the Konoe family, is the grandfather of existing heroine ‘Mokoto Konoe.’ His appearance indicates that the world of Iron Throne has been extended to Japanese civilization. Two new castle skins also were added to the game, The Advent Castle and Ice Castle. The Advent Castle can be purchased with gold, but the Ice Castle is a reward for participation in December’s event and can be used for 30 days. In celebration of the holiday spirit, special effects and decorations will be applied to the castle and world map, along with two additional holiday lords’ portraits. An event monster will also appear on the world map and a special holiday login reward will be given.

Finally, as a part of the December update, a Battle Royale Championship event will be available. 20 lords who earn the highest score will be selected through qualifiers. The selected lords will compete a Battle Royale Championship to determine which of them is the strongest.

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