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Infinite Crisis – First Look

Infinite Crisis – First Look

Infinite Crisis is an arena style game that puts you in control of one of several different DC Comics heroes and villains. In addition to the traditional line-up of Batman, Wonder Woman, the Joker, and more, there are also alternate universe versions of these heroes. This gives the game an impressive lineup, and each of the characters has their own movesets for you to learn. Combat is fast paced and skill based, like many MOBAs, so proper teamwork will be crucial for victory.


Seize Control of Catastrophic Events – Rain down meteorites and control powerful alien tech. Wipe out teams and turrets with a destructive blast of the Doomsday Device!

Fight to Save the DC Multiverse – Join online matches and compete in the Protector Trials; rise through the ranks as the Infinite War escalates.

Be a DC Legend – Throw cars and reduce buildings to rubble with the powers of DC’s greatest Champions. Master characters to unlock their unique stolen powers, and share them across your roster. Iconic DC settings like Gotham and Coast City are yours for the wrecking.

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