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NetEase Games are proud to announce the pre-registration for their upcoming 4 vs. 1 survival multiplayer game, Identity V, is now live. To celebrate the first asymmetrical multiplayer game on mobile, they opened a pre-registration site below. However, the pre-registration is unique. Players will have to collect clues as Detective Orpheus on the main site below. Deciphering the pieces of information left on Orpheus’ desk, they will try to help him find a lost little girl. Once the mini-game is complete, they can pre-register for either iOS or Android.┬áIdentity V is a high-quality horror multiplayer game that pits four survivors against a terrifying hunter in classic asymmetrical multiplayer action. NetEase partnered with Behavior Digital, the creators of the highly successful Dead by Daylight, in order to create the most thrilling mobile experience this year. It’s already a powerful force in the Chinese market, surpassing many of the popular Battle Royale games in the charts, and NetEase is excited to bring it to the West. Identity V should be live in the west as soon as Early July.

NetEase has also released information on two of the hunters so far – The Ripper and Hell Ember. The Ripper is a former artist, using their calm demeanor to stalk prey. The Ripper has the Fog Stealth ability to become invisible for a time, allowing his terror to grow and swell in the darkness. Combine that with abilities that gain movement speed in fog, and that survivors also attract fog around them, he promises to be quite the foe. Leo “Hell Ember” Beck was once a gun factory owner who was betrayed by his wife and best friend. This led to Leo burning down the factory with himself inside.┬áNow risen from the ashes, Hell Ember employs puppets to do his evil bidding. Hell Ember can use special abilities focused around his puppets that allow him to gain powerful detection at range and in later stages of a match, he can even use his puppets to transport himself across the map in an instant.

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