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Heroes of Newerth Patch 3.8 Avatar Spotlight

Find out what avatars are coming during Heroes of Newerth Patch 3.8 in this video preview.

The full list:

  • King Truffle (King Klout, Debut Edition)
  • King Klaus (King Klout)
  • DDOG Jersey War Beast
  • Neolution MMR Pandamonium
  • Lion of Sol (Gemini, Limited Edition)
  • Mechartesia (Ultimate Avatar)
  • Gladiclaus (The Gladiator, Holiday Edition)
  • Boulderdash (Pebbles, Holiday Edition)
  • Snowglobe (Pearl, Limited Edition)
  • Blitzen (Holiday Edition)
  • Lord Pestilence
  • Tigersoul (Wildsoul, Gold Collection)
  • Bloodaxe Berzerker
  • Pan (Ophelia, War Effort Avatar)
  • Trophy Witch Slayer (War Effort Avatar)
  • Alexandrite Paragon Wretched Hag (Paragon Avatar)
  • Adkarna Valkyrie
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