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Heroes of Newerth Adrenaline Hero Spotlight

Heroes of Newerth reveals Adrenaline, a new hero designed as a semi-carry/ganker, available November 29.

While he still uses mana, it regenerates at a very rapid pace, and all of his abilities cost a percentage of his maximum mana instead of a flat number. Adrenaline is meant to be prohibited by his ‘energy’ instead of his cooldowns, so Ability 1 and Ability 2 have 0 cooldown.


Q: Fracture Burst

– Throws a projectile that flies 800 units in target direction, dealing 50/100/150/200 Magic Damage to the first enemy hero it hits. Also applies 6/7/8/9 Stacks of Dread to the target.
– If it hits an enemy hero, the projectile flies into the air and lands after 0.9 seconds.
*If the target is less than 200 units away from Adrenaline, then the dagger will land 250 units behind the target (relative to Adrenaline). Otherwise, the projectile will land in a random location in the line between Adrenaline and the target.
– If Adrenaline catches the projectile, Adrenaline regains 35% of his max mana. If the dagger hits the ground, it will spawn a Fracture for 5 seconds, attacking the nearest enemy unit.
– Fractures spawned by this skill act as illusions and receive 450% Damage and deal 10% Damage

W: Rush

– Passively causes autoattacks from self and illusions (including those created from the Q and Ultimate) to apply 2 stacks of Dread on a target, lasting 6 seconds, but refreshing the duration whenever another stack is applied.
– Maximum of 12/20/28/36 Stacks of Dread may be applied to a target.


– Target a direction to dash 450 units, consuming all Stacks of Dread on enemy units hit and dealing 20 plus an additional 1% of the enemy hero’s Max Health in True Damage per Stack of Dread consumed.

E: Ember Shard

– Passively grants Adrenaline mana regeneration equal to 4.5/5.5/6/6.5/7% of his maximum mana per second.
– Grants Adrenaline 20/40/60/80/100% of his Max Mana when killing an enemy unit (5/10/15/20/25% for non-hero units).

R: Death’s Halo

– Target an enemy hero to Stun and reduce their vision to 400 radius for 2.5 seconds. Also applies 10/20/30 Stacks of Dread to them and creates 6 Fractures surrounding the target 300 units away from the target, with each of them lasting 5 seconds.
– Adrenaline spawns randomly as one of the Fractures, all of which spawn with an attack command on the target.
– Fractures spawned by this skill act as illusions and receive 450% Damage and deal 10% Damage.

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