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Gigantic X Pre-Order Begins Today on Mobile Devices

Gigantic X from ActionSquare has officially begun pre-orders on both the Google Play and Apple App stores globally. Gigantic X is a top-down shooter, with easy controls and non-stop action on the battlefield. Far off in the future, the human race has colonized star systems off in a distant galaxy. But now humans must survive aggressive aliens in new territories, fighting to secure their space in the galaxy. Players can choose one from three distinctive characters, a pointman, a technician and a brawler, and join battlefield to find a way for the survival of humankind.

Shin Hyung Il, the CEO of ActionSquare said ‘I believe this thrilling action game will impress most of action game lovers, shooting game lovers and even all the gamers’ He further stated ‘We have been thriving to seek what is needed for players during the soft launch and now we hope gamers all around the world to enjoy it’

Gigantic X is scheduled to arrive at the end of July, with plenty of modes and content for players. It can be pre-ordered at the Apple Store and Google Play.

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