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Combat Arms (EU): New economy updates available

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Combat Arms

Nexon Europe is pleased to announce a generous number of new updates to the in-game economy of Combat Arms, the hugely popular online multiplayer shooter, as part of a reboot that aims to level the playing field and change the dynamics of the gaming experience.

The first economy update for this month is the introduction of the 1-day rentals system. With the rental system, players can rent certain items for one day using Gear Points (GP) without having to invest in a permanent purchase, resulting in a substantial shift for all players. Rather than being limited to renting those items for one day only, players can renew their rental on a daily basis for as long as they wish. The second addition to the economy update is the free weapon rotation system. Pulled from the pool of existing weapons, free guns will be on constant rotation to even up the playing field and will be available to players for a limited time only. The third update is an overhaul on pricing that changes the natural path of upgrading weaponry, revolutionising the way players go about their gaming.

In the past month, the game has already seen a number of changes as part of the reboot. With the Gear Point update, the rate of earning points has been changed, resulting in a fairer acquisition of not only points, but also gear and weapons. The replacement of the Black and Grey HiSec Cases with a single, refined case has vastly benefited players not using Nexon Cash (NX), while changes to the Weapon Renewal Kit has improved the options available to players for maintaining a kit for longer.

“We’re constantly trying to improve player experience across our titles in one way or another, but this remains Combat Arms’ greatest selection of changes yet, providing the maximum positive outcome,” said Jason Han, Product Manager at Nexon Europe. “Each of these small changes help increase the options available to players to let them go about the Combat Arms experience their own way and make sure no one is able to get ahead simply by paying more, making for a more exciting time for all. I look forward to seeing the action progress, as more great changes are made.”

As a glimpse of what is yet to come, Nexon Europe is unveiling the plan for a new style of inventory management; with the new weapon acquisition options in place, players shouldn’t have to just throw away items they no longer have room for in their inventories. A new trade-in system will therefore be introduced, allowing players to trade older items for newer ones. Players should keep their eyes peeled for announcements regarding the mechanics of this system, and more changes that will be announced very soon.

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