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Edge of Night coming to Eudemons

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The latest expansion for Eudemons Online, titled “Edge of Night,” has been announced for a release this June.

The expansion will add a new class, the Vampires, adding a fourth class for players to choose from. The details of the class are still being kept as a mystery, as is any other additional content that may be published with the expansion.

Eudemons Online is published by TQ Digital, which also publishes Conquer Online, Crazy Tao, and The Warlords.

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TQ Digital announce Edge of Night expansion

New vamp-filled update heading to Eudemons Online this June.

Longstanding online game publishers, TQ Digital have announced an exciting new expansion for their free-to-play MMORPG, Eudemons Online. Titled “Edge of Night”, the expansion promises to suck – in a fiendishly good way.

A mysterious new Vampire class is ready to invade TQ Digital’s popular free-to-play MMO, Eudemons Online this June, jumping out of the shadows with the release of a brand new, blood-soaked expansion.
Dubbed “Edge of Night”, the expansion promises a massive change to Eudemons Online and its world of Cronus, thanks to the introduction of the new class and its impact on current game dynamics.

The fourth class to enter the Eudemons universe, the Vampires have been hiding in the shadows for many centuries, gradually increasing in power and honing their skills. But now, with a new darkness spreading across Cronus that threatens to consume even them, the vampires are forced to show themselves and join the fight.

A notorious paradox of secrecy, everyone knows about Vampires without really knowing anything about them. True to this form, details of Eudemons Online’s new vampire class are as hard to confirm as the existence the blood-lusting creatures themselves.

Vampires are often described as posh, pale creatures with dark eyes, attributed to the drinking of blood and lack of their own. However, TQ Digital were also quick to point out the vampire representatives from recent movies and our own history; from the future predicting vampires of Twilight; to the real-life vicious Counts and Countesses that terrorised us in the past.

What changes will EO bring to the vampire? Will they be glamorous representatives of the blood-sucking species; or will they be more like the infamous real-life Countess Dracula (aka Elizabeth Bathory), a notorious historical figure who enjoyed blood-orgies and torture in her castle.

Players of the popular MMORPG are already speculating on the game-changing dynamics a magical class like the Vampires will bring to Eudemons Online. Will they dominate the world with their mysterious skills? Will they fight for good or evil? Will they be friends or foes? Only time will tell.

One thing is for certain – the equilibrium enjoyed by the current classes inhabiting the world of Cronus: the Mage; Warrior; and Paladin; will be changed forever.
How will a Vampire defeat the Warriors powerful Chain Chop; will the Mage’s famous range attacks be a match for the eerie speed of the undead; and what of the Paladin’s ability to revive the dead -will this be needed?

TQ Digital have promised that the Vampires will command a strong range of powers, pets and skills, and will be releasing previews for all players – along with exciting giveaways – in the buildup to the Edge of Night release.

The team dynamics of Eudemon’s Online, and the world of Cronus as we know it, will be changed for good when the Edge of Night expansion is released this June.
You can sign up and play Eudemon’s Online for free now:

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