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Game of Dice: Sophia and Blizzard Dice

Game of Dice celebrates 2 million downloads with the release of a new update that introduces a new character, Sophia, and more!

  • New “Guild” contents 
    • User can now play with Guild friends sharing information on the guild’s bulletin board.
    • User can get a daily reward after joining or forming a Guild.
  • New “Wealth Ranking” 
    • New “Wealth Rankings” let you stack up your total riches against others!  (Previous ranking system was based on amount won from single match.)
  • New “Secret Club” shop  
    • Black Pearl which is needed in Secret Club would be rewarded after every match.
    • Users can get some useful items in Secret Club depending on the amount of Black Pearl collected.
  • New playable character “Sophia” 
  • New rare skill cards “Domino” and “Divine Punishment” 
  • Big event “Winning Strike Event”  
    • Players can get win up to $100 in real cash based on consecutive wins reached on Master or Grand Slam Channel
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