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DarkScape is a free to play experimental sandbox MMO, where open-world PvP and ruthless trade wars are the name of the day. Conquer a massive world with danger around every corner, dominate deadly high-risk regions and make your fortune running lucrative trade routes.
DarkScape is based on the legendary MMO RuneScape, so it benefits from 14 years of content from launch. All of DarkScape is accessible for free – including content that is members-only in RuneScape – and is played using a RuneScape account.
RuneScape members get 50% extra XP, double bank space and an extra item kept safe on death – meaning quicker progression and a tighter grip on your hard-won gear.
In DarkScape, PvP is always on, and while powerful guards can protect you in populated areas, nowhere is truly safe.
The farther you venture, the more likely you are to be attacked, and safe havens become less frequent. For the greatest rewards, you’ll have to risk it all.

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