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FreeStyle 2: Street Basketball – First Look

FreeStyle 2 Street Basketball (FreeStyle 2 for short), is a 3D Basketball MMO developed by JC Entertainment. Gameplay is fast-paced, smooth, and incredibly addictive. Even if you aren’t a fan of Basketball, Just like FreeStyle, FreeStyle 2’s simple and fun gameplay should keep you wanting more. With five positions, numerous courts and boatloads of customization options, FreeStyle 2 is certainly one of the best sports MMOs out there.
‘Freestyle2’, the sequel to ‘Freestyle1’, unveils its brilliant new features with the sophistication of the original series still alive! With cool toys which will accompany you on the court, play to make the victory yours through amazing performances until the moment the ball leaves your fingertips. Become a star player when the court goes wild with cheers of the toys from your great shots.
FreeStyle 2 is developed by JC Entertainment and Distributed by Joycity and Gamekiss and is now in Open Beta.

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