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BakermanBrad and apparently his side-kick Darth Vader, warp into a team-based space combat game known as Fractured Space. This is an ever-growing, ever-evolving space combat game that the community can shape into the ultimate game. Originally the developers, Edge Case Games, planed for a full release of the game by the end of 2015, instead they’ve launched into early access on steam to get the community more involved to build the game into what it needs to be.

About Fractured Space:

Epic Space Battles

Fractured Space’s team-based 5v5 battles hinge on teamwork. Those who can strategise and work together to dominate the battlefield’s objectives will take the enemy base, and victory. Unity is strength.

Epic Space Ships

Select a ship from a number of manufacturers, each with their own unique traits, weapon systems and construction style. Earn credits to purchase new ships, some as large as 1750 metres – 25 times the size of a Boeing aircraft.

Ever Expanding Universe

The Fractured Space universe is always evolving. Regular additions are made to the roster of ships and arsenal of weapons. Frequent gameplay updates mean there’s always something new to adapt to.

Space Veterans

Fractured Space is developed by the same core team who produced Strike Suit Zero for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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