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Elsword Transformation – Aisha and Elsword Playthrough

Elsword Transformation – Aisha and Elsword Playthrough

MMOHuts and OnRPG team up once again to join the developers at Kill3rCombo to check out the latest happenings  in Elsword. On December 18, 2012 we saw the first transformation of Elsword himself into the dual sword wielding Sheath Knight. Only a few days ago on January 16th, the second update of the transformation update series launched with Aisha as a completely up close and personal Battle Magician! JamesBl0nde and DizzyPW get exclusive high level access to both of these new transformed characters, showing them off in PvE and PvP.

Time reference key:

2:05 – Elsword PvE
17:28 – Elsword PvP
25:40 – Aisha PvE
33:35 – Aisha PvP
42:35 – Skill Tree Discussion

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