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Banda Namco and Twitch Reward Players for Watching Duelyst

Bandai Namco, publisher of Duelyst has partnered with Twitch to provide players with valuable in-game items for viewing Duelyst on the streaming platform. Thanks to Twitch Drops, players can now earn rewards simply by watching streams. To receive in-game items like Orbs, Cosmetic Keys, Profile Icons, or Gold, all players have to do is link their BANDAI NAMCO and Twitch accounts, and then watch their favorite streamers play Duelyst on Twitch. Rewards will be delivered directly to the player’s account after they have watched 30 minutes of the CCG. Streams can be watched across multiple channels and do not need to be watched in one viewing to receive rewards.

All streamers on Twitch can enable Duelyst Drops for their viewers, players can easily spot participating channels on the browse and channel pages.

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