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Elsword – Laby 3rd Path Job Trailer

Laby is bringing her own dark spin to the 3rd Job Line series of Elsword, known as the Masters of Darkness! What will Laby become?¬†Rusty Child, Daydreamer, and Nisha Labyrinth will come to learn the nature of their existence. The Gloom and Doom of Nisha is here and an exciting new adventure awaits, with special rewards. Every 10 levels plus accomplishing specific tasks will give Laby ample rewards to keep her adventures going.¬† Accessories, Expansion Cubes, Potions, Mounts, a Mini Poco and more await. Laby players can also get consumable rewards daily like Sage’s Magic Stones, Elixirs, and Potions when you clear dungeons in her level range. The 3rd Job Path Event starts today and ends on March 19th, 2019.

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