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Dandy Ace Kickstarter Campaign Announcement Trailer

Today, we are thrilled to launch our Kickstarter for Dandy Ace. With a goal of $25K, we hope to use the funding in order to add even more content to the game before its 2021 launch, and bring it to current and next-gen consoles in the coming year.

Dandy Ace is almost complete, but we want it to be even bigger and better when we launch in 2021. We want to add more bosses, more enemies, more spells, and just… MORE of everything. We can release the game now, but to make Ace his absolute best, we need your help.

We are also thrilled to say that we will be attending Gamescom with our friends at Neowiz (publishers of Skul, Metal Unit, and DJMAX Respect). A new demo for Gamescom and Kickstarter will be available for all to try for free on our Steam store page and we hope to “see” you there at the digital event this week!

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