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Crossout – Mass Contagion – Update Highlights and Control-17 Station Map

Crossout has a new update, the “Mass Contagion” update. It adds five new story campaign missions, a celebratory event for the game’s anniversary, and so much more. They also tease a new map rework, the “Control-17” station map, that was used by military units on an active basis. The station was also an important part of the huge “Eastern Array”, which connected central regions with the affected industrial centers on the periphery.

With ‘Mass Contagion’, Crossout is also celebrating its second anniversary in Open Beta. Through the ‘Another Year in The Wastelands’ event, which lasts until July 4, players can get special cosmetic items, such as firework launchers or decorative decals for their vehicles. The immensely popular map ‘Station Control-17’ has also received an update, opening more routes for lethal close combat.

From June 13th to July 14th, players can also purchase the new premium ‘Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Famine’ pack, which includes the exclusive ‘Famine Machine’ vehicle, which excels at ambushing enemies and tearing them apart in close combat. The pack also includes a new garage layout, thematic stickers, decals and paint jobs for all vehicles. ‘Famine’, by the way, is the nickname of Crossout character Veran Wolf, once an ordinary office worker who discovered his insatiable lust for blood once society broke down during the apocalypse. His cool and exclusive player avatar is also part of this pack.

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