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Colt Plays Wildstar! [2/6/2017]

Colt Plays Wildstar! Viewers requested it, I made it happen. I played Wildstar briefly when it was in beta before its initial release as a pay to play game. I remembered liking the game, but couldn’t remember why I didn’t stick with it. Still, I needed a good free-to-play game to stream and this one stuck out on the list of requests. Needless to say, Wildstar has changed a lot since then. The game no longer opens on the same tutorials I remembered; this may have something to do with my race change though. When I first played the game I was a human, and I recall there being a ship with a lot of evil robots. There was also a man with a cowboy hat and a dying wife. This time around I decided to play a different race and class so I rolled an Aurin Spell-slinger. The game gave me basic movement and combat controls as you’d expect for a new player. Then it did something a little different; acting as a simulator, it showed me what mounts, the housing system, and boss-fights will be like when I hit a higher level. This is a great way to show new players just what they can expect to be doing once they’ve invested some time in a game and it certainly got me hooked.

Wildstar’s server population is pretty light these days, but there were still players around in each of the areas I visited in my stream today. With a new content update on the way, hopefully we’ll see a rise in the number of active players. Wildstar offers a fun active combat system that’s very action oriented and requires dodging and a lot of positioning to do well. The visuals, sound direciton, and dialogue are all entertaining especially if you’ve ever been a fan of Ratchet and Clank or Jak and Daxter; the world here has a feel that’s quite similar in the best ways. If you’re still on the fence about giving Wildstar a try, just check the replay from today’s stream to see what it’s about. If you need more information on top of that, you can check here. Ready to make the jump? Click here to head over to the Wildstar website and download the game.

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