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First Spirit Tales content update coming May 23

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KoramGame has announced the first update for its new MMORPG, Spirit Tales.

Released just recently into open beta, the new update will add a new instanced dungeon designed for players above level 40: Crisis of Jade Forest. This special dungeon will let players have the chance to win any item in the game (including some Item Mall-only items). This instance fills the map with tons of aggressive enemies and ten bosses for players to fight against. The dungeon can be run once a day.

KoramGame also publishes Dragon Born.

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First Spirit Tales Content Update Coming May 23

KoramGame announced today that the first Spirit Tales content update will arrive on May 23, 2012. With only two weeks into the Spirit Tales open beta, players will already get a glimpse of some the exciting new content that’s in store for the game. A new instanced dungeon, known as the “Crisis of Jade Forest,” will be released, and will provide players with the opportunity to obtain any item in the game, including some that are usually only found in the Item Mall.

The upcoming content update is only just the beginning. KoramGame promises to retain its rapid content release schedule well into the future, with bigger updates to keep Spirit Tales loaded with fresh new content.

Key Feature:

– New Instanced Dungeon: Familiar land becomes your new playground; except with more EXP and items than ever before.

For more information on the new instanced dungeon, visit:

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