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Camelot Unchained Mage Armor Update + Q&A Recap

CityState Entertainment offered a livestream showcasing their progress on mage armor concepts and concept art. Below you can find the official video reveal and follow-up Q&A recapped!

  • Mage Armor Q&A confirmed and hinted at various things including:
  • Potential Class that impacts time and probabilities. Gravity magic in consideration.
  • Mages carry scrolls that are visible in their armor set. Determines some of their spell use.
  • Killing an enemy mage makes the scrolls lootable. Mage won’t actually lose those scrolls but the looter will gain a duplicate copy of the scroll.
  • Mage armor will be realm locked and unique as another faction differentiator, both in looks and possibly powers.
  • Mounts confirmed so long as they don’t have advantage over castable speed buffs.
  • Mages can wear medium and heavy armor but weight limitations will impact areas such as how many scrolls they can carry, if they can swim, and how fast they move.
  • Armor reflects spells being used, sometimes with actual changes to the armor layout such as cloaks opening up to reveal runes and glyphs.
  • Can wear both cowls and hats and toggle their visibility on and off for roleplaying.
  • Armor can be aligned to elements, making them resistant to taking damage from opponent’s spells as well as more durable to withstanding spells you cast in terms of durability.
  • Armor not heavily enchanted in terms of raw stat power to maintain horizontal progression goal.
  • No news on spellbook system as of yet.
  • Will be able to preview your armor on your character before buying it from a merchant player.
  • Armor clipping is a high priority to prevent from happening, despite classes being spread across multiple races and no armor lock on classes.
  • Mages can equip shields and other defensive focused armor.

One final quite interesting piece included at the end was that elementally imbued mage armor would be able to draw power from the surrounding environment, powering up water mages by the ocean and the like. As usual this is all off the cuff information that will likely be adjusted and changed/discarded as needed during development.

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