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BTS World Release Date Announced for June 2019

The big date for BTS WORLD has been revealed by Netmarble today, and it’s going down on June 25th, 2019. In BTS WORLD, players become the popular Kpop group’s manager, to foster BTS becoming global superstars. This title was made in conjunction with BTS and is a story-based mobile simulation, that takes players on an exciting, interactive journey. The story of BTS WORLD takes players back to the start before the band’s debut to pursue the role of BTS’ manager, with the ultimate goal of fostering BTS to become superstars. Players will encounter various missions where they will select certain BTS member cards to clear the mission and progress through the game.

Collecting and upgrading these cards will open up even more stories along the way, and players will be able to interact virtually with BTS in the game through a 1:1 interactive system. Pre-REgistration has already begun, and a new playable mini-game demo of BTS WORLD is available on the site, letting players preview the game ahead of launch. The pre-registration site also currently features a game introduction, a BTS story, and “From BTS” – a special sneak peek of the game’s “mobile function” that lets players interact virtually with group members, as well as a mini-game that pairs players with the BTS member they match with best as a manager. BTS WORLD will also reveal an all-new, original soundtrack from BTS leading up to the launch, starting with a sub-unit song by Jin, Jimin, and Jung Kook of BTS.

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