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Brown Dust Celebrates 2 Million Downloads Worldwide

Brown Dust, the tactical RPG published by Neowiz is proud to announce that they hit 2 million downloads since the March launch. There is a wealth of special events and rewards for players in the coming weeks, and on top of that, a new update arrived, bringing three new Mercenaries to the game – Lecliss (★5 Defender), Edwin(★5 Magician), and Sarubia (★4 Supporter). There are also new costumes obtained through the Golden Dice event and the Costume Shop.

Events Coming to Brown Dust:

  • Two MIllion Downloads Event (April 25th through May 6th): Every day between April 25th and May 6th players can get a 3-5 Star Random Merc ticket, 200 Horseshoes, and a Red Slime every day! There are also several brand new packages available in the store to celebrate the milestone!
  • The Golden Dice (April 24th through May 22nd): Beginning April 24th, players who log into Brown Dust are going to get a ton of free stuff in the form of a fun board-game styled event! The rewards are plenty, the chances are high, and you can even win a ★5 Skill Book plus Niya’s Kitty Pajama Costume by merely finishing four laps around the game board. More details soon.
  • Happy Easter (April 17th through May 1st): Easter Eggs are going out to all players, and pieces of them can be found in many game modes (Campaign, Rune Temple, Arena, Novice Arena, Event Dungeon). These can be combined to form a variety of eggs, with rewards inside.

“It’s been an amazing month since we launched Brown Dust for a worldwide audience, and we could not be happier with how quickly you’ve all become a big fan of our Mercenaries,” said Sean Kim, Game Director for Brown Dust. “Our goal was always to make a tactical RPG for fans of the genre first and foremost, and your enthusiasm for the world and story we’ve created seems to suggest we’ve succeeded in our goal. And rest assured, the journey for our characters has only just begun. We can’t wait to show you what’s next!”

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