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Caravan Stories Comes to North America This Summer for PS4

Caravan Stories is a popular anime-inspired MMORPG in Japan, that has been confirmed to come to PS4 in North America this July. Players choose from six playable races, each with their own storyline. The world Iyarr is an open one, with adventure around every corner. There are also near 300 allies that can be required for PVE and PVP battles. Recruitment in Caravan Stories fosters extraordinarily strategic combat and character development. Each character brings their own skill sets and stats, forcing players to change the way they approach each battle. Stand against the tides of evil in parties of up to six creatures and allies.

The Enigma has arrived in this peaceful world, and through this gate, demons flood the land, taking a once lush world and ruining it. Different beasts will spawn throughout the day, based on the time of day, and can immerse players in a truly dynamic world. Thankfully, Spectator Mode lets would-be champions prepare for these challenges and learn from more seasoned adventurers by witnessing their raid groups and strategies.

“Caravan Stories is a new-style MMORPG that can be enjoyed by all users, on many platforms across the world,” said Masahiko Takeuchi, Director of caravan Stories for PS4. “We are so excited to bring this grand story, filled with a vast world, memorable characters, and limitless expression, to PlayStation 4 adventurers in North America. We can’t wait to work with our passionate fans to continue improving the game and building endless stories within our world.”
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