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BRIG 12 Is a Card-Collecting RPG, Out This August

Traega Entertainment is an independent studio comprised of members from Blizzard, EA, Riot, Ubisoft, and Disney, and are proud to reveal their first title, BRIG 12. BRIG 12 is a take on the classic turn-based RPG and CCG (Card Collecting Games) genres, having players take on the role of a clone of a legendary bounty hunter, as they assemble their crew and travel the universe. The goal: take over their predecessor’s empire. It will be released in August on Steam and is using a truly free-to-play model, with only cosmetics to make your characters look cool in their in-game store. BRIG 12 boasts thousands of items to collect, and each with varying rarity/stats to equip onto your crew. Players can approach the game their way, with how to battle, how to progress the crew, when to retire a clone and start anew. After all, it’s a big universe, and there is no one road to travel to arrive at success. BRIG 12 also allows players to keep the loot after they retire for leveled-up replays, and can continually create new clones to build up their retirement island for additional upgrades (and bragging rights). In August, we travel to the Altera System.

“As a new studio, we’re excited to announce our first game, BRIG 12. This is the first of what we expect to be many games from Traega Entertainment. We’ve been assembling our team quickly over the past 2 years and I’m really proud of how we have come together to build this game,” said Dax Hock, founder of Traega Entertainment, “BRIG 12 embodies the principle we want in all of our games – we want to let the players decide how to play. We think we’ve created a unique combination of some genres we love, and we’re excited about this launch as the stepping stone to future launches for our studio.”

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