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Armored Warfare’s Caribbean Crisis – Part II Available on PC

A vicious fight in the tropics continues with Armored Warfare‘s Caribbean Crisis Part 2! With this, players can conclude the first Special Operations story arc. From changing allegiances, tons of explosive action, and new achievements, this final story mission has it all! The update introduces a range of lethal vehicles capable of taking out targets quick and silently which are sold to players by a brand-new dealer in the game. Oscar Faraday also appears a gentleman who is also a former special agent brings a new commander and new finesse-based light tanks with him. From the Rooikat, a potent and deadly scout, to the Sprut-SD, an agile, if thinly armored, tracked vehicle with a powerful gun, players will be able to earn a new stable of tanks through achievement-focused tasks. Beyond this, the new update includes the addition of the VT-4, a powerful modern Chinese export MBT. Armed with a 125mm smoothbore gun, the might of this Tier-8 vehicle makes it a must-have for veteran collectors. A new map also comes to Global Operations, set in gorgeous Switzerland. The Alpine Valley will offer challenging terrain for armored vehicle operations, but nothing too challenging for an experienced commander.

New Features:

  • New dealer “Oscar Faraday” with a branch of light vehicles:
  • Tier 5 AFV: Rooikat, Tier 6 TD: EE-18 Sucuri II, Tier 7 TD: NM142, Tier 8 TD: Sprut-SD, Tier 8 Premium LT: ASCOD LT-105, Tier 10 LT: K21 XC8
  • Final mission of Caribbean Crisis Special Operation Story arc
  • New map “Alpine Valley” for the Global Operations Game mode
  • VT-4 Main Battle Tank sold by dealer “Zhang Feng”
  • New commander “Andrey Zaytsev”
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