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3D MMORPG Immortal Thrones Launches Massive Update

The largest update for Immortal Thrones yet launched today which introduces a variety of new features. Temple Relic is one of the new features, a dungeon where players can compete to earn new equipment. In addition, players can choose to embark upon a different sort of quest, in Marriage.¬†The game will be adding a new system and dungeon that will allow players to marry, fight together, and win thrilling rewards. An album feature has been added to players’ inventories to keep record of their trials and successes in their adventures. The stunning scenes, exotic creatures, priceless treasures, and unforgettable events all contribute to each player’s collections. Not to mention, players earn a new effect for finishing a sub-category. A new function comes to the Pantheon button in the form of Tarot Showdown.¬†Players will encounter the card feature in new chapters of the game, as well as through mythological divination, trials of gods, card packs, and temple stores. Additionally, new albums will be added in-game, and players may upgrade their powers by activating the new album. And finally, a pet system offers a variety of creatures for players to adopt.

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