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Zentia gets facelift with 1.3

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Zentia’s next major patch, 1.3, is now live, and features major changes to the game.

The update includes a brand new character creation and selection interface, along with a new tutorial area on the Immortal plane and skill guides for characters under level 40. A new high level quest is also available, along with two new instances designed for players above level 60 and a new map, Serene Estuary, for players above level 70.

Several events have been improved to be easier, grant more experience, or offer new rewards, while many instances have been made easier through reduced difficulty, new quests, teleport sites, new equipment, and titles. Plenty of other fixes and tweaks are also going live to a number of game systems.

Zentia is published by ChangYou, which also publishes Dragon Oath and Blade Wars.


Fellow Zentians!

Today is a day to be long remembered. We are proud to officially announce Zentia 1.3! This is an enormous update to the game with new content, changes to existing content, bug fixes, and more. The update will be available after tonight’s maintenance.

Highlights include a completely redesigned character creation/selection section a brand new tutorial area that takes place on the breathtaking Immortal plane and a new high level quest involving an epic battle with the demon lord himself, Demonor!

Check out Massively’s exclusive coverage of the update, including a new 1.3 trailer!

For the rest of the changes, we’ll let the list speak for itself:

Happy Planting
• Players only have five times to exchange Golden Fruit now
• Player now will get a notice when his/her package is full
• Players now can get rewards that can be used to increase Master Affection
War of Camps & Survival
• Players now can exchange their scores for honor
• Island Treasure Hunting Treasure Box King now will randomly appear in the island, so every player will have chance to find it
• NPC Healers added to both camps
Grandpa Quiz
• Players now can get more XP when they answer correctly
• Pets will also get XP when players answer correctly
• Each Quiz now has 20 questions and is available once per day
• Increased the time limit
Brain Teasers
• Players now can get more XP when they answer correctly
• Increased the time limit
Protect Granary
• Players above Lv. 40 now don’t need to join a team to enter this event
Scrap Heap
• Players now can get more rewards than before
Treasure Island Hunting
• Multiple items added into the environment which can be picked up by players for Gathering Quest
• Players don’t need to dismount to open treasure boxes. Treasure Box King is an exception.

• Added guides for players below Lv. 40 to help them learn skills

Devil Tower
• Decreased the difficulty of Fairy Devil Tower (only for floors 1-6)
• Increased equipments’ drop rates in Fairy Devil Tower
• Decreased the damage output of monsters in Fairy Devil Tower floors 8, 9, and 10
Fairy Devil Tower
• Players now can use Mt. Fairy Mark to exchange for Devil Tower Boss Paintings
Imperial Tomb Basement
• The boss will not be immune to Daze and Hold
• Players above Lv. 48 can now enter Upper Imperial Tomb
Insect Valley
• Decreased the number of insects which guard the house
Fish Basin
• Decreased the difficulty of Rifleman
• Players now have to kill all the hostiles in the mountain, so the priest will come out
• Added three new quests
Water Palace
• Added Teleport Site
• Players can exchange for Water Palace Suit: Kill hostiles in the instance to get Dragon Flag/Turtle’s Letter and give them to NPCs to get Water Palace Suit
Pry into Serene City
• Added Teleport Site
Thunder Test
• Decreased drop rates of Dark Golden Essence
Serenity Air War
• The boss will not be immune to Daze and Hold
World Lore (Instance Related)
• Added new paintings and titles
New Instances
• Added two new instances for Lv. 60 Players and above that can be done once per day; the boss will drop unique Lv.60 suits and materials for making Lv. 80 suits; also, there are three new repeat quests for players; complete all three quests to gain 600,000 XP.
• Launched a new map: Serene Estuary – players dive into the river to defeat rebels; available for players above Lv.70; players need to choose one faction (Turtle or Dragon) and then attack players from the other faction

• A Dancing Master is now in Guild Square
• Gold Tree will drop better awards
• Adjusted the Upper Fairyland instance: after defeating 4 waves of monsters, Monster Kings will come to attack players; the number of Monster Kings, one to three, is based on the number of players
• Every guild member can now group with other members to enter Upper Fairyland. Don’t need a guild officer to enter
• Guild Loop Quest and other quests will reset at 12am PST
• Decreased the difficulty of [Gu] You are Famous
Cross Server Events
• Downgraded the requirement for players to exchange for special items
Marriage System
• Bride and Bridegroom can now use an item to parade around Capital City
• Added two wedding zones
• Added one instance for couples: couples need to go to the Capital City to enter the instance, Romantic Swing, one time per day; each of the two can get item rewards, and those items can be used to:
o Provide XP Bonus (EXTRA 50% FOR 1 HR) for the spouse’s pet
o Exchange for Money for the spouse
o Increase affection (20 pts) for both
• Skills you get from your marriage (Skills which are only available for in-game married players) cannot be used in Duel
Fairy Guild
• Both masters and apprentices can get rewards by zmail when the apprentices level up, regardless of whether the apprentice already graduated or not; however, if the master doesn’t log in to the game for 7 consecutive days, he sacrifices his rewards
• Added a blacksmith in the scene to repair equipment
Team and Group
• Number of players in a team/group will now appear above the leader’s portrait icon; a noticeable mark will appear when a team/group is recruiting

• Fixed Icons and other issues
• Increased the attributes of several suits: Evil Spirit Robe, Evil Spirit Hat, Evil Spread Robe, Evil Spread Hat, Dark Water Hat, Dark Water Felt Boots, Dark Water Belt, Teal Wood Boots, Teal Wood Belt, Teal Wood Hat, Duckweed Pants, Duckweed Boots, Wind Fire Pants, Wind Fire Boots, Six Solar Pants, Six Solar Shoes, Six Lunar Pants, Six Lunar Shoes

• Players can now use the Pangolin to exchange for a new mount
• Beastiary now has 10 spaces instead of five
• Players can now pick up dropped items while riding their mounts
• Decreased the price of increasing the max number of available mounts

• Players now can continue the story (Main Quest) after passing the two Storm Test and Thunder Test.
• Added more item rewards for Repeat Quest
• Fixed several Autopaths and other minor issues
• Decreased difficulty for several quests – players now don’t need to kill as many monsters as was previously required
• A Taoist has been added to VIP Wonderland – VIP players can use gold to buy certain tools

• Refined some visual effects
• Most wild monsters now cannot control players
• Modified Descriptions

• Added Rank 3 talismans for Lv. 80 players

Token Shop
• New costumes, mounts, and other items to be forthcoming

• Completely new character creation and selection
• Adjusted Login UI
• Added Combat Data Statistics System – player can right click his/her portrait to check the system
• Refined Art Style
• Refined Fonts
• Modified and fixed minor issues

• Adjusted the visual effects of Mulberry Village
• Modified VIP Wonderland zone: Relocated Anvil and Spinning Wheel to make them easier to be found and added NPCs related to life skills
• Corrected some Autopaths (East Island, Celestial City)
• Instance Recipient in Serene East Square can now teleport players to Upper Imperial Tomb for 10 Silver
Leisure Games
• Players now will get more XP but no money rewards

World Lore & Titles
• New Guide added for players to learn the title system
• Players now can view the number of titles they have
• Information on how to get a title is now provided
World Lore
• XP Bonus given by paintings is now based on the player’s level

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