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Dogfighter -WW2- Releases in the Fall for PS4

DOGFIGHTER -WW2- is an upcoming PS4 exclusive Battle Royale, releasing in North America this Fall. Dogfighter -WW2- will let players take to the skies of both European and the Pacific Theaters of WW2 in a new, exciting way. The planes of World War 2 are all faithfully recreated, and forty players will go at it in these heated airborne battles. There will be two versions of the game when it launches. The first is free to play Battle Royale, and a premium DLC campaign, called “Into the Fire”, which will offer a single-story mode with cinematic cutscenes.


  • A real dogfighting Battle Royale with a maximum of 40 players!!
  • Players can freely choose and customize warplanes in Battle Royale, ranging from the US Mustang fighters to the Messerschimit BF-109, Zero-sen, and Spitfires.
  • Anyone who’s played an FPS or TPS will be able to easily get a hang of the arcade controls.
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