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Xsyon introduces Welcome Stations

Xsyon introduces Welcome Stations news header

Xsyon, the apocalyptic fantasy sandbox MMORPG, invites new players with its unique new Welcome Station feature!

Welcome Stations allow existing tribes to stage entrance areas for new players. New players arrive at these stations where they can find nearby quests and items for sale and where they can leave messages and apply for tribe membership. Tribe leaders and members with permissions can manage the stations and accept new tribe members while they are offline.

The Welcome Station is designed as a focal point for town activity, drawing in new players and introducing them to the entirely player run world of Xsyon. Tribes have built extensive and creative towns and with recent building uses at their disposal they are ready to expand their communities and welcome and trade with new survivors!

Xsyon is currently on sale this week only (50% off) through Steam and the official Xsyon website.

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