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NEO Online adds new map and instances

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NEO Online has just launched a new major update.

The update adds a new map, Elros, which contains two instances: Undergrond Shrine and Ormigaruta. The new areas feature new monsters like the Ant Man, Lizardman, and Angry Moth Goblins.

Also added in the update is a permanent travel backpack, bank contract, and pet, as well as improved localization.

N.E.O Online hints that its upcoming version updates will include pets with healing and battle skills, and more customization options.

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The Original Press Release:

N.E.O Online Releases New Map Elros and Major Update


N.E.O Online (US version) has just released new map Elros along with two new instances, Underground Shrine and Ormigaruta. Other major updates include implanting permanent items and translation modifications. No matter you’ve been to Gaia or not, it’s time for you to get back to create your legend in Gaia now.


After operating for 6 months by now, PlayOMG has just completed a series of content update for N.E.O Online (US version). From permanent mall items, new map release, to translation improvements, N.E.O Online is more then ready to embrace players around the world.

Comparing with other versions in the market, N.E.O Online (US) has been improving the game and service over the past few months and now has relatively stable operation with more game content and improvements. One of the major update in response to players’ request is to adopt permanent travel backpack, bank contract, and permanent mount pet. Quest translation is also modified as well.

On August 26th (PST), N.E.O Online also releases new map Elros along with two new instances: Underground Shrine and Ormigaruta. Adventurers will face the challenge from the new evil union, Ant man, and mythical creatures never seen in Gaia before. By the joining force of Ant man, Lizardman, and Angry Moth Goblins, the ancient land of Gaia falls into the greatest danger ever.

In the coming season, N.E.O Online (US version) will prepare more events and content update. For players that have been expecting pets with healing and battle skills, you expectation is about to come true. Customization option will also become more versatile for character creation. Just download the game client, login with your Facebook, Yahoo!, MySpace, or PlayOMG account, and you are ready to set off.

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