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Ashes of Creation Reveals All 64 of its Classes

Class List - Ashes of Creation - Image

If there’s anything MMO fans love, it’s options. Ashes of Creation has just that with its 64 classes. Today, all of them were revealed in a blog post from the developers, outlining the choices made for the Class System. With the need for choices present, they introduced a secondary class system into the game, where picking a base and a secondary class will create something like, like a Fighter/Fighter is a Weapon Master, A Mage/Summoner creates a Warlock, or a Cleric Ranger is a Protector. There are so many options, and their blog post below goes into further detail.

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  • lulSock

    They better have a balance TEAM and not just a single pencil pusher for this many classes. See Rift for how easy balance is to screw up with tons of options.