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World of Warriors Review

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Critic Score: 4 out of 5
User Rating: (7 votes, average: 2.43 out of 5)

By Ojogo

Ever imagined a game where you can just play the various heroes and warriors in known human history and put them in no holds-barred battles, celebrity deathmatch?

We have that answer in Mind Candy’s latest title for the iOS and Android, World of Warriors.

World of Warriors 1


World of Warriors uses humanity’s penchant for war by using warriors from the annals of warfare of various cultures/nations. The game’s roster hails from a mix of historical and mythological warriors designed to look like their super deformed version of themselves.

World of Warriors 2

Warrior acquisition is done by opening doors in the temple. Rarer ones you can get by using premium currency, while the normal ones can be earned by paying in-game currency. Rarity is from common to rare to super rare and lastly to legendary. The higher the rarity of the Warrior you get, the higher the base stats the warrior has.

World of Warriors 3

Your warriors can upgrade their base stats by leveling up as you get experience each battle. You will have to go through a mandatory “training” period to get to the next level. You can also evolve your warriors once you reach the level cap by using ingredients that you can earn through battles. Evolving increases not only your warrior’s stats, but also increases the level cap of your warriors. Evolving also allows your warriors to look different.

The game also has a warrior album that you can access where you can learn more about the warrior’s back story, current stats, and element affinity.

Battle System

World of Warriors uses a turn-based combat system where you face either single enemies or groups of mobs. Your warriors can use skills or normal attacks in dealing out elemental damage based on the warrior’s affinity.

World of Warriors 4

The game’s battle system uses a rock-paper-scissor damage multiplier system. The game’s four elements, fire, earth, wind, and water have a specific strength and weakness much like in a lot of elemental battle systems found in other games. This will factor in to how your teams are setup per encounter.

Your units always take the initiative whenever you start an instance with a half-filled mana pool, so that you have the option to switch to another unit in your team or use the skill of the current warrior in play.World of Warriors 5

Whenever your units take damage, the game allows you to recover some of their lost life via a quick-time event where you need to tap hearts released during the attack. This quick time also allows you to gain mana by the same process. Not tapping the hearts or mana icons in time, however, will make you lose the hp/mana you could’ve gained/recovered.

Attacks (both normal and skill) are quick-time events that require you to tap at the proper time. Properly executing the attack increases the damage dealt, with a perfect rating dealing out maximum damage.


The skills in World of Warriors are segregated into three general categories: damage, status ailment, and healing. While the overall categories seem limited, I liked how Mind Candy was able to put variety in the skills to make things interesting.

World of Warriors 6

Damage skills can deal out humongous elemental attack damage against opponents in play, while some can even attack those in the bench. The same goes for status ailment skills, which can be either solo direct attacks to the opponent or an AoE that can even affect those in the bench. Healing skills on the other hand can either be solo, AoE, or life steal types.

In a nutshell, World of Warriors is a surprisingly enjoyable romp into a world where every single warrior in recorded history is compressed into its game roster. The gameplay is simple enough but the complexity increases as you progress through the game’s PvE/mission system.

World of Warriors 7

With the game just recently released there are some integral game elements still unreleased, like the Guild and PvP systems, which Mind Candy promises to release by next year. So you’d just have to enjoy the initial PvE system for the meantime.

If there’s one thing I really liked in World of Warriors it’s the game’s tongue-in-cheek humor, especially the game’s disembodied announcer. I love how the announcer insults you whenever you deal out a weak attack or how it exults your attacks in a cheeky manner whenever you get a great or perfect hit. The humor also translates well to the AI through opponent mannerisms which include wagging the tongue at your warrior in play or wagging their butt at their faces.

World of Warriors 8

I also liked how the game is surprisingly playable even with older tablet/units. However it tends to bog down once the action kicks in, which can drastically affect the outcome of a match, especially when the lag hits during the QTE events.

World of Warriors is quirky and downright fun to play. It helps that you can play it offline even though majority of the gameplay is tied to its online features. The only problem I may have with World of Warriors is that there is nothing much else to do once you’ve finished quests or run out energy. The game just focuses on battling through instances and that’s that. You won’t be doing anything else, so that can be a drag even if you are at higher levels of the game.

Conclusion: Great 4/5

Overall however, I totally enjoyed my experience with World of Warriors even with all its shortcomings. The game provided a really fresh take into the world of warrior fighting and I must say it’s a really enjoyable game to anyone who’s looking for a bit of fun in their mobile/tablet gaming.

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