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World of Tanks Reveals National Pride Mode, Confrontation

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Launching today in Russia and the EU, and following up in Asia tomorrow and North America on the 13th, Wargaming debuts a new national “Confrontation” battle front in World of Tanks.

World Of Tanks Confrontation

Available for machines of all tiers and balancing weights, with the exception of Japanese and Chinese tanks, the new experimental combat mode, Confrontation, groups players with vehicles from a specific nation into a team that faces off against a comparable opposing squad with vehicles from a different nation. Introduced as an experimental new gameplay element, Confrontation is yet to undergo balance tweaks.
Along with competitive national combat, Update 8.11 enriches the game with a new European winter battle arena, Windstorm, revamped version of Ruinberg, now featuring rainfall and fires, and a reworked Himmelsdorf with winter setting.

Learn more about World of Tanks at their official site. Have a Xbox 360? Get ready as World of Tanks prepares its free to play launch to the console front later this week!

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