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Combat Arms (EU) – New economy changes made

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Combat Arms (EU)

Today, Nexon Europe has announced major changes to Combat Arms, the enormously popular online first-person shooter. The changes introduce a fairer, cleaner gameplay system that truly puts players on an equal footing and changes the game’s economy to provide a more satisfying and compelling experience.

Formerly, certain weapons were only be available as permanent inventory items once players had spent Nexon Cash (NX), giving those who could spend money on powerful gear a huge advantage that wasn’t based on skill. The changes will gradually be revealed from today on, with the completion by 23rd July, and will include the ability to unlock certain permanent items using Game Points (GP), the points earned from simply playing the game and achieving victory in the playing field. This simple change will ensure a true free-to-play, free-to-win experience for all combatants, old and new.

“We make a point of listening to our community, and where possible, acting on their wishes,” said Jason Han, Product Manager at Nexon Europe. “Every suggestion is taken into account when providing players with the best experience possible and in this instance we knew that we had to make some changes. I’m thrilled to announce that through June patch, our first goal to improve the acquisition rate of GP and provide players with more compelling options that utilize GP has been pursued.”

A number of other economic changes are being introduced as a result of community feedback that will enhance the Combat Arms experience. With this update, there will be a normalizing of the rate of GP gain, to make the amount of GP rewards to be fairregardless of what game mode they play. To ensure the GP economy does not become unbalanced, Nexon Europe will be phasing out various means of increasing players’ GP such as GP boosts. To enhance the gameplay experience, there will also be adding more weapons to the Emporium, purchasable for permanent duration with GP, as well as new GP cases that will offer high quality weapons and gear for a limited time, thus allowing GP users more options for their arsenals.

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