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Web Fiesta launches today

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Fiesta Online has launched its browser-based, 3D version of Fiesta Online, Web Fiesta, today.

Web Fiesta offers the same gameplay and features as regular Fiesta Online, allowing players to continue to experience the game in a 3D client without the need to download.

Several celebrations are going on in the community for the launch, including several in-game event. Players can join the Great Leveling Race, the Fiesta Comic Event, Fun With Fiesta, or even Date-A-GM. Players can also redeem a limited edition goldfish mini-pet with the code GOLDIMONWANTSFIESTA (expires February 14).

Fiesta Online is published by Outspark, which also publishes Luvinia Online.

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Web Fiesta Revolutionizes Browser Gaming with Full 3D

Outspark Proving to Be A Genre-Defining Force for Free-To-Play MMORPGs

SAN FRANCISCO – February 9, 2012 – Starting today, millions of Fiesta fans will be able to pick up their game wherever there’s a PC without ever leaving the party, as Outspark launches Web Fiesta , the new browser version of Fiesta Online, a wildly popular free-to-play MMORPG. Now on a beach, in a café, on a train, epic battles and romance are just a few clicks away, and in full 3D. That’s not something that’s been done before.

“This is a huge moment for the free-to-play industry as we bring true 3D to the browser. With Web Fiesta, players can pan 360 degrees around objects, an experience previously limited to the download client. This frees the player to take deep, immersive adventures on the road, and friends they meet along the way can join the fun in just a matter of clicks!” cheered Philip Yun, CEO, Outspark. “It’s been truly fantastic working with our developer OnsOn Soft and partner SpawnApps delivering this seamless play experience to our community. It’s the same game on the same servers, but now players have the choice to play on their download client or log into the web.”

To celebrate the launch of Web Fiesta, Fiesta’s Game Masters are hosting several exciting in-game events for valuable prizes. The Great Leveling Race is a race to the top for glory and SparkCash, the Fiesta Comic Event is a showcase of community’s clever comic tales, and Fun With Fiesta rewards players for simply exploring the game. In addition, Date-A-GM makes its return as a Valentine’s dating game where players face-off in a test-your-wits challenge to win dream in-game experiences with a Game Master.

For details on these events and more, check out, join our rapidly growing fanbase on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. Play Web Fiesta for free and receive a special gift, a goldfish mini-pet, which will give your base stats a nice boost. Redeem your free mini-pet here and enter code GOLDIMONWANTSFIESTA, expires 2.14.12.

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