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Uncharted Waters Online Relaunched On Papaya Play

Uncharted Water Online Returns - thumbnail

Uncharted Waters Online has officially relaunched on Papaya Play! The epic free-to-play seafaring sandbox MMORPG returns with a splash with community events and experience boosts, plus a treasure trove of free items and currency available for both new and returning players. Players embarking into Uncharted Waters Online for the first time will receive a hefty Welcome Package filled with a variety of gameplay boosts to help get their expeditions started as smoothly as possible. Players can find the Welcome Package in their Bank after creating their first character.  Returning Captains will receive a temporary Transfer Service through which they can make a special Founders Account and receive tiered rewards based on their prior account level/progress. All Founders Accounts will receive the Founder’s Rewards in their banks when starting a new character for the first time. Alongside the rewards, players can also take part in a pair of exciting events offering various boosts and valuable prizes. Through the relaunch period, there will be an ongoing Server Buff Event, offering significantly higher Experience, Fame, and Skill Proficiency to every player. Additionally, there will also be a Level Up Race Event, where Captains of all professions can race to Level 60 for rare prizes not offered in-game. Finally, as part of the relaunch, the UWO Team is also excited to announce some systems changes to PvP that long-time fans of the game are sure to appreciate. Deck battles have been made more prominent, and the Plunder system has been greatly expanded, making the seas much more dangerous and dynamic. More information on the PVP balance can be found below.

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