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Warlocks vs. Shadows expands with Blood Mage and New World

Updating Early Access games is nothing new. But there are updates and UPDATES. What One More Level and Frozen District developers are doing is not only fixing bugs, working on balance or adding new features even. They are constantly adding new content to the game and in a size and quality of something that could easily be considered a DLC. And one that you’d normally have to pay for. But it’s not the case with Warlocks vs. Shadows. Once you buy the game devs make sure you are constantly rewarded with new worlds to explore and new Warlocks waiting for you to lead them to victory!
Jump to Warlocks vs. Shadows Steam product page to grab the copy of the game and be the first to check all that has changed.
And it may take you a while, as the list of changes this time is really impressive!
• The new character: Iezabel, the Blood Mage was added
• The new Shadow World was added
• Level selection after beating the game was added
• Added voice-over sounds for all characters and a whole bunch of other sound effects
• Saves are now encrypted (your progress will be wiped) and each character has his own save file
• Announcer picking sounds were added
• Nerfed Lissy (her skills still add heat even on high levels)
• Nerfed Kheera’s heal
• Nerfed Vampiric Aura from 10-20% to 5-10%
• Small spiders that spawn in world 2 don’t give EXP anymore
• A bug where you could move with the Merchant’s menu open was fixed
• A bug where you could wipe out your progress by trying to change your character was fixed
• A bug where monsters were getting stuck on the platform corners was fixed
• A bug with disappearing lobby rooms was fixed
• A few bugs with profile names were fixed
• The area in which you can revive your teammates was fixed
• A bug with music on the Frozen Lake boss was fixed
• A bug with the game not counting your play time properly was fixed
• A bug with Rainer’s heals stacking was fixed
• A few bugs where you could jump outside the level were fixed
• A few bugs with entering/exiting lobby rooms were fixed
• A bug with co-op forcing you to level-up a skill even though you couldn’t was fixed
• A bug with rebinding keys was fixed
• A bug where leaving and re-entering lobby would cause glitches was fixed
• A few visibility issues in third boss map were fixed
• You can now exit the Merchant’s menu by pressing Esc
And if you think developers will stop here… think again. The team still has some aces hidden up their sleeves. A brand new gameplay mode anyone? But this will be announced when the right time comes.

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