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Warhammer 40,000: Carnage Updates With Fireteams, Space Marines & More

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W40K Carnage Salamander Update

Warhammer 40,000: Carnage, the popular Action-Shooter with RPG elements on iOS and Android, has launched its third major content update.

This update features the new Salamanders Space Marine chapter, the new Flamer weapon, a multitude of new Friending features, as well as a improved Fireteam missions to conquer together with friends.


The new playable Salamander Space Marine character, the pure embodiment of the righteous flame, wields the new Flamer weapon-type, burning enemies in the holy fire of the Emperor’s Vengeance. Once the Chapter Pack is unlocked, the Salamander comes fully equipped with the new Flamer and a Support Drone, setting out on his own campaign with exclusive missions.


All Friending features have been completely revamped for the Salamanders Update. Players now have a Friends List where they can view their fellow Space Marines’ progress, and even use a friend’s Support Drone to earn Blood Ore currency. Leaderboards now display the top 3 players of each mission from the Friends List, and players can see their worldwide rank on the Global Leaderboards at the end of each mission.


Players select their most trusted Battle Brothers among their friends to take on the challenging Fireteam Missions – 60+ currently available. Together, they must lay waste to enough Ork scum to complete the mission. Only Players with enough skill to receive 3 Stars in a mission can access the Fireteam Mission.

Roadhouse Interactive, the leading mobile developer and publisher behind Carnage, released the Salamanders update with a focus on flames, friends, and Fireteams, uniting Battle Brothers worldwide, INTO THE FIRES OF BATTLE!

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