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MMOHuts Weekly Recap #57 Oct 23 – SD Gundam Capsule, Wind Slayer 2, & More

MMO Weekly News #57 – SD Gundam Capsule, Wind Slayer 2, & More

Weekly MMO News summary for the week ended October 23 (Oct 17 – Oct 23). A quick look and discussion for every major announcement and update during the week! This week we discussed updates from the following games: SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online, Wizardry Online, MapleStory, WIndSlayer 2, Angels Online, Seal Online, Vindictus, Dragon Nest, and Digimon Masters Online. The biggest news this week is the bit about OGPlanet licensing SD Gundam Capsule Online. You can view all the individual news articles mention over at the News section.

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