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Guild Wars 2: The Big Finale Approches

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NCSOFT and ArenaNet has released a video trailer today that highlights the sprawling storyline for Guild Wars 2, setting the stage for a grand finale to a narrative that began more than a year ago and introduced supervillain Scarlet Briar. Known as “Our Story So Far”, players are reminded of the increasingly pivotal, insidious role that the evil Scarlet played in the game’s living world storyline in 2013.

As Guild Wars 2’s game director Colin Johanson suggests, all the events that players have experienced in 2013 will be leading up to a ominous end this year. “As we announced back in December, we’re down to just four releases to go in the current storyline of living world”, writes Johanson. “The first of those four releases is nearly upon us, and we wanted to help take a moment and look back at the key moments that have brought us up to this point as a refresher before we dive head-first into countdown to the big finale”.

As the video shows us, Scarlet’s plot began quietly during last Winter’s “Flame and Frost” releases, as she manipulated the mole-like dredge and charr Flame Legion into wreaking havoc in the Shiverpeaks. Her scheme continued in June’s “Sky Pirates of Tyria” and the” Cutthroat Politics” release in July, which introduced the new Aetherblade pirates, who pulled off a cunning assassination plot in Lion’s Arch.

Scarlet stepped out of the shadows during August’s “Clockwork Chaos” release, when she disrupted Queen Jennah’s jubilee celebration with her clockwork horrors. Next, players discovered Scarlet’s newest plans in October’s “Twilight Assault” release, when the renegade sylvari took over the Twilight Arbor dungeon as a new base to consolidate power and amass her forces.

In October’s “Tower of Nightmare”s and November’s “The Nightmares Within” releases, players took on a new Toxic Alliance between the reptilian krait and the evil sylvari of the Nightmare Court, which erected a massive biological tower of evil at Scarlet’s bidding.

What is Scarlet Briar’s ultimate plan, and how can the heroes of Tyria stop it? The video promises that ’the worst -IS- yet to come and hints at the fateful culmination of the Scarlet storyline in 2014.

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