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War of Legends celebrates first anniversary

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One year after the release of War of Legends’ beta, the game is celebrating its first anniversary.

Players will be able to collect a limited edition in-game birthday cake, which contains several items designed to help speed up construction and manage their kingdom. Players will also be able to find these cakes in the wildlands, with varying rewards found inside. Several events will also take place that the community may participate in.

War of Legends is published by Jagex, which also publishes RuneScape.

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War of legends celebrates first anniversary

Jagex Games Studio celebrates with FRee itemS worth Up to $15 to mark War of Legends’ first anniversary

Cambridge, UK – 19 January 2011 – Jagex Games Studio, the UK’s largest independent games developer and publisher, today celebrates the first anniversary for its popular free-to-play MMORTS game, War of Legends. To commemorate the occasion Jagex is offering players old and new the chance to collect an limited edition in-game item and has invited the entire community to join a series of community events and parties held in celebration of the game’s first birthday.

The War of Legends beta was released on the 19th January 2010 as the first 3rd party title to be published by Jagex. Since the initial release more than 1.5 Million players have joined the battle. War of Legends has been continually updated with new content and game play on a regular basis.

As part of the anniversary update, each player will be given a limited edition birthday cake. Each cake includes a variety of items designed to help players speed up construction, equip their army or help gather essential resources. The birthday cakes will be available to find in the wildlands for the next seven days and as an added incentive for players, there are no limits to the number of cakes each player can discover. The content of each cake varies so players are encouraged to find as many as they can.

“Our first year has seen healthy growth and we are delighted to have such a committed and passionate community of players,” says Oliver Kern, Head of Online Strategy at Jagex. “A number of our high reputation players have never spent a dollar and are still with us today, leading our biggest and best alliances. In War of Legends Free to Play really means Free to Play. We have chosen to celebrate the anniversary the only way that a birthday should be celebrated – with cake! Each cake will contain a variety of items worth up to 150 J credits and we know that our players will enjoy the hunt through the Wildlands to locate as many as they can.”

In addition to the in-game item for players the War of Legends community team will be playing host to a number of events to mark the first anniversary. These events will take place from the 19th January and include a Jagex take on the traditional land-grab style game, where alliances are challenged to occupy as many lines of 4 in the Wildlands as they can. They have also set up a number of heavily defended, high level sub-cities which can be invaded and occupied to obtain a slice of the resources that the JMods (Jagex Moderators) are defending. More details on the community events can be found on the War of Legends website,

The anniversary celebrations are just the first of a number of community events taking place over the coming months. The War of Legends team has confirmed that there are some big plans for next month’s Chinese New Year celebration so be sure to start your empire today so that you can enjoy all the activities the development and community teams have in store.

War of Legends is available to play for free by visiting

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