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Loong begins official launch

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Free-to-play martial arts MMO Loong: Power of the Dragon has officially launched today, after a week’s delay from its previous launch date of January 12th.

The launch means that all previous beta information was wiped from the servers. Closed and open beta testers will be able to collect rewards from the Treasure part of their bags for their participation, and the first day also features boosted experience.

Loong is published by Gamigo, which also publishes King of Kings 3 and Cultures Online.

Loong Gameplay Screenshot


Servers are Up!

Dear Loongarians,

we are live! Come in, make yourself at home, and explore our world without any boundaries!

The server was successfully wiped and we performed important improvements on the server stability and capacity.

Patch Note

Improved localization

Fixed problematic auto-paths

Fixed log on and off screens

Dragon Market

The Dragon Market will be updated tomorrow.

Everyone who participated in the Dragon Market bonus should have received all their Ingots.

CBT and OBT Rewards

Please check your “Treasure” tab in your Bags to find your first rewards for having helped us these past weeks. Another, more visual, reward will be given out once ready.

To all new players

Remember to accept ALL quests in the first area. Specifically the one that reads: “Leaving the Village”

Skipping this quest will seal you permanently in the tutorial area.

And remember to join our wonderful community in our Forums – you will need to create an account on the Forums to see all sections.

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