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War is coming to Perfect World International

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War is coming to Perfect World International

War is coming to Perfect World International (PWI) with the upcoming release of Perfect World Entertainment’s latest major expansion for its free-to-play, fantasy MMORPG, PWI: Sirens of War. Starting on November 14, 2012, players can look forward to enhanced class skills, brand new quests, and an all-new battlefield PvP system that will test even the mightiest adventurers. 

PWI: Sirens of War will bring some incredible updates to PvP combat, enhancing player skills across the board and adding ‘Nation Wars,’ a brand new battlefield PvP system,” says Product Manager Tony Liu. “With new features and systems specifically designed to streamline the combat and leveling experience, especially in regards to PvP, PWI: Sirens of War will also introduce new weapons, armor, fashion items, mounts, pets, and more.”

This expansion is focused on making leveling faster and skills more powerful to make combat more engaging, and will bring some significant gameplay changes to one of Perfect World Entertainment’s most successful and popular titles.

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