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Voyage Century Online adding Tower Rush

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Voyage Century Online will soon be adding a new Tower Rush mode. The instance will have players protect towers from attacks by monsters by defeating groups, each of which will feature different groups of ships (including Flame Dragon, Fog, Lighter Aboard, Reconnaissance, Medical, Spy, and Command ships).  After every 7 groups, a boss will appear, with the final boss appearing after 28 groups have been defeated.

Voyage Century Online is published by IGG, publishers of Dreamland Online, Tales of Pirates, Angels Online, GodsWar Online, and Freesky Online.

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Voyage Century Online: Experience the Tower Rush

Voyage Century Online ( will soon be adding a new way to play. Tower Rush, or TR, will allow players to build towers and work together with corps to fend off enemies. Sound strategies and cooperation are the keys to successfully defending a Tower Rush.

Players engaged in TR must protect their towers from attacks by monsters. Instead of seeking out monsters to kill until you find what you’re looking for, TR brings the fight to you. The idea behind TR was the legendary naval battle between the Spanish Armada and the English fleet in the English Channel. In the Tower Rush instance, it’s up to you to break through the ships that have you under siege.

To complete the instance, you must defeat 20 groups of enemies. The ships in each group will be different. Frigates have high attack power while armored warships have strong defenses. Players will face the Flame Dragon Ship, Fog Ship, Lighter Aboard Ship and even the newly released Reconnaissance Ship, Medical Ship, Spy Ship and Command Ship. After you have been attacked by 7 groups of enemies, a boss will approach. The final boss will join the fray after players have finished destroying a full 28 groups of enemies.

Scoring a victory in this dangerous instance will require the best tactics and teamwork you can muster. You’ll need to be able to adapt quickly as different types of ships assail your defenses. NPC ships will even attack different fortresses with each wave, putting your fleet communication and deployment skills to the test.

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