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Vindictus Episode 4 to launch in December

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Nexon has announced that Vindictus’s awaited expansion, Episode 4, will be available in early December.

The update raises the level cap to 44 and adds two new dungeons, Prairie Entrance and Ruins of Sanctity. Prairie Entrance is a place with wide spaces and dozens of traps; while the Ruins are overgrown and draped in gloom. These places will host a new clan of Gnolls, spiders, toads, and many new boss monsters including Goliath, Dim Gray, Warchief Black Scar, and Giant SPider. New skills will also be added, including Lightning Fury, Large Shield Mastery, and Berserk.

Nexon publishes several other games including Combat Arms, Mabinogi, and MapleStory.

Vindictus Episode 4 Screenshots:


Vindictus to introduce Episode 4 in December

King of the Gnolls

Players looking forward to new battles and adventures in Nexon America’s Vindictus will be able to fight through two new exciting dungeons that will be added in Episode 4 in early December. These two new dungeons, Prairie Entrance and the Ruins of Sanctity, will open up a world with a new clan of Gnolls, deadlier spiders and evil toads, as well as several new boss monsters to defeat.

The Prairie Entrance will feature wide-open spaces and will require mercenaries to plan their attacks and strategies carefully, as dangerous traps are set all around. The Ruins of Sanctity have become overgrown with vegetation due to frequent heavy rain, creating a sense of gloom that seems to haunt the ruins.

In addition to the new dungeons and Fomors to fight, players will face off against boss monsters such as Goliath, Dim Gray, Warchief Black Scar and Giant Spider. Those who have mastered their skills thus far will be able to attack with several new skills such as Berserk, Lightning Fury and Large Shield Mastery.

Players will also be able to enjoy leveling their characters up to the new level cap of 44.

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