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Heroes of Incredible Tales (HIT) Launches First Update

Heroes of Incredible Tales (HIT) Launches First Update

Nexon and NAT Games today launched the substantial first update to Heroes of Incredible Tales (HIT) that brings 30 new stages, an increase in the character level cap from level 50 to 60, two new raid boss battles, new costumes with additional equipment slots and much more. Players can even enjoy the summer with new Vacation Outfit swimsuits for their characters.

HIT is a combo-heavy action-RPG from the acclaimed designer of Lineage II and TERA with HD visuals powered by Unreal Engine 4. Originally available in Korea where it reached the number one Top Grossing slot on Google Play, HIT was recently launched worldwide and has been downloaded over three million times.

The HIT update includes:

  • The Lune Ruins – Huge new PvE area includes 30 new stages to explore and conquer
  • Challenge Mode – The new Altar of Trials mode now allows players to face brand new challenges for massive rewards
  • Increased Level Caps – Level cap raised from level 50 to 60, with 6 new powerful skills
  • New Raid Boss Battles – Tackle two of the most challenging raid battles to date
  •  Powerful Costumes – Two new equipment slots (Magic Stones and Cloaks) can increase attack power and let players customize their appearance in new ways
  • Equipment Boosts – Players can increase equipment level cap from level 20 to level 30
  • Training Mode – Test your skills and practice complex moves in the new training mode
  • Vacation Outfits – Get in the summer spirit with new Vacation Outfits

Complete patch notes on the HIT update can be viewed here.

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