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Pet Forest Online announces expansion

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Pet Forest  has announced its newest expansion.

Called Tome of Pets, players will be able to gather pet cards from their pets, and register them in the Tome of Pets as collectible sets. Players will also be able to trade these cards on the market, and gather special rewards for completing pet card set collections, including seasonal pets and gear.

Pet Forest Online is published by PlayOMG, who also publishes NEO Online.

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Pet Forest Online Announces New Expansion

Pet Forest Online, the browser-based MMO game from PlayOMG, has announced its new expansion. Tome of Pets features a new system for players to extract pet cards from their pets and exchange for exclusive items.

Players will be able to collect pet card sets and register them into the Tome of Pets. Each card set contains a brief story about the monster living in the land of Pet Forest. This brand new feature brings more fun to the game, extending the categories of items that players can trade in the market. As players complete the collection of pet card sets, there is a variety of rewards available for redemption, including new seasonal pets and enhanced gears.

The most recent Halloween event just ended with great success. Players now start a new competition for collecting bunny items as the topic of November. Moreover, Pet Forest’s Facebook fans have reached over 80,000. Now it’s time for celebrating this milestone. Each fan will receive a special bunny-ears headband as Facebook fan’s reward, so visit the fan page and grab one for your hero!

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