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Valkyrie Sky update goes live

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Valkyrie Sky has released a promised update, which we reported on last week.

This update increases the level cap to 60, opens a new region called Nastrond, adds game-pad support, and improved new player experiences.

Update Notes:

System Update

1) Level cap increased to Level 60 + New Stage open (Nastrond)

2) Game Pad Support option added

3) Decreased Fishing tournament duration from 15 hours to 4 hours per tournament

4) Added auto buff for characters below level 10 (Effect: No stamina consume)

5) Level 30 Quest Added for Scroll of Recurrence (Stat Reset) reward

6) Changed Storage extension method (buy storage extension item from Ava)

GKash Item Update

1) Costume Items Added (Level 60 Wings)

2) Scroll of Recurrence Item added (Stat Reset)

Click Here for more details with images

Balance Patch

1) 2nd Class Skill Balance Patch (Slight damage increase for all Metamorph Skills)

2) Combine level increased from level 2 to level 5 for Awakening Crystal Fragment from Harrd (NPC)

3) Modified Monster appearance pattern in high level stages


1) Couple icon changed to a heart icon on the mini-map

2) Camera view change available at Council and Auction House

3) Sound effect added when holding Space Bar down for VP

4) Party/Guild Chat option button added

5) Gain Cooking exp even when failed at cooking

6) Alarm added when you receive a mail

7) Modified roulette action after clearing a stage

8) Modified loot message for Mimic items

9) Fixed text font images

Bugs caught

1) Fixed Guild Member capacity Bug

2) Fixed Wrong Logout Time for guild members in Guild window

3) Fixed Shift + Left click chat option

4) Fixed ‘The D3D device has a non-zero reference count’ error message

5) Fixed background image change bug after each stages

6) Fixed Key Settings Bug

7) Fixed Class Icon disappearance on party menu bug

8) Fixed Not wearable items (Belts, Accessory) bug

9) Fixed Unstoppable character motion bug in Fishing Place

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