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Primal Carnage Slashes Price as Sequel Draws Near

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Been holding out to get your hands on the best Human vs. Dinosaur, team-based, first-person shooter in video game history? Now it’s time to join the fray! The online shooter Primal Carnage is now available at the everyday price of $7.99 on Steam – nearly 50% off from the previous price of $14.99. The savings don’t stop there – in addition to this massive price cut, every single DLC package for Primal Carnage is now being offered at permanently reduced prices of up to a 50% discount.


Additionally, those who purchase the classic Primal Carnage before the full launch of its upcoming sequel Primal Carnage: Extinction will be eligible for a special limited-time offer for a 50% discount to receive Extinction which is currently playable in Early Access. For more details, please visit the Primal Carnage forums here.

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