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Trove Announces New Update, ‘Going Green’

Trove Going Green Update

gamigo announced a huge new update coming to the PC edition of the voxel-based MMO, Trove: Going Green. This update adds new vegetables and other features for gardeners. Players will be able to reach the Gardening Rank Horticulturist in Trove, and these players can explore new habitats to acquire unique allies. These include the Flowered Faerie and the Appleshell Snail. Any Trovian ranked Gardener or above now can try new Crafting Stations.

The Vegetable Sink can be used to wash fresh harvest, which can be turned into edible items or added to other recipes, giving players great Boni for their next adventure. The Compost Bin can be used to turn unwanted goods into Organic Refuse. With the Harvesting Bench players also can craft Mounts, Decorative Plants, and Ally Homes. This update adds a host of new features and items to make gardening more complex and fun. This update also comes with a new dragon: Kahramet, Warden of the Fields, feels right at home in the lush vegetable fields and can be used as a mount.

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